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Are you losing sales by not getting the most out of your Google Ads? Search engine marketing is a powerful tool, but you must know how! Do you lack the knowledge and time to tackle it yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll get everything out of your Google Ads strategy, so you can focus on your business.

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Why Google Ads?

Google Ads (AdWords) is the tool to attract new customers. An effective account in combination with a strong website is worth its weight in gold. What makes Google Ads so interesting?

The ideal audience

Reach the ideal target group with the extensive targeting options within Google Ads

Grow your revenue

With the right strategy, your sales will grow by attracting potential customers to your products or services.

Control your budget

With Google Ads, you keep control of the budget. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks on an ad.

Why Nomad Marketing

Why can I help you to rise to the next level with your company?

Data-driven decisions

At Nomad Marketing, decisions are made based on data, not gut feeling. This allows for informed decisions to be made to achieve the best results for your company. Data doesn't lie!

Proactive advice

I actively think with you for the success of your business. So together we can discover new opportunities. Found something? Then I would be happy to help you with the implementation.

Personal contact

As a consultant, I am involved with the success of your business. At Nomad Marketing, you are not a number, but there is personal contact. Together, we'll make sure that your business is taken to the next level.

Specialised knowledge

Over the years, I have been able to help many businesses grow further through Google Ads. With a passion for marketing and a backpack full of experience, I can also help your business grow to the next level. Contact me to discuss your options.

What do clients say?

View verified Google reviews from clients who have worked with Nomad Marketing.

Ruben Flier
Owner The Garrison
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"Some time ago I came into contact with Nomad Marketing. After a pleasant and personal conversation, I immediately had the feeling that this collaboration was going to work. My feeling was clearly right, besides the great results which are being achieved, Nomad Marketing also thinks along on a daily basis about points of improvement in advertising which suit my company. In short, we are very satisfied with the collaboration!"
Serge Dzjanalov
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It was clear from the very first conversation that Peter-Jan of Nomad Marketing has a passion and dedication to his craft. No vague terms, empty promises to bill hours, no strangling contracts, as unfortunately often happens with other marketing agencies. What sets Nomad Marketing apart is not only the communication that is always clear and transparent, but also the constant updates on the progress of the Google Ads campaigns. In short, Nomad Marketing has proven itself in a very short time to be an invaluable partner for
Tom van der Kooij
Co-owner The Fight Company
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We came into contact with Nomad Marketing through an acquaintance. We were not necessarily looking for a new party for our SEA, but after a good conversation we decided to work together. And with success! In addition to fast, smooth and clear communication, we are achieving better results than ever before. Peter-Jan works in a structured way and sets great goals every month in order to gain an enormously strong position step by step, leaving us more time (and money) to continue building our business.
Patrick Gorter
Marketing Manager Elveco
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We came into contact with Nomad Marketing through an acquaintance. We have now been working together for 6 months to our complete satisfaction. Short lines of communication and always time to brainstorm. We also receive monthly reports with clear explanations.
Jesse Commandeur
Owner Dames Smartwatch
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Very nice cooperation with Peter-Jan. Quick response, same vision (also helps tremendously) and a comprehensive report. He clearly explains the steps he takes and you notice that he also has real passion for what he does. This creates new, beautiful things and together you can build something beautiful. That way you get maximum results and you know for sure that you are in the same place
Joran Luth
Owner of LTH Trading
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Nomad Marketing has helped us for 3 years with managing all our Google Ads campaigns. We started in the Netherlands and partly thanks to the help of Peter-Jan we have grown in 3 years in different countries. Besides Google Ads, Peter-Jan helped us with CRO analyses, strategic marketing and the internationalisation of our brands. I don't know another freelancer who is as involved and proactive as Peter-Jan. Communicatively very strong and very well versed. I have learned a lot from him in recent years!
Marcel Paulusma
COO Happy Painting
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"Nomad Marketing is the ideal partner for our Google Ads. We have been working together for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the (profitable) results. Peter-Jan is also very strong in communication and knows exactly how to implement our wishes by means of a clear Google strategy. He manages several accounts independently and reports the achieved results on a monthly basis. I can recommend Nomad Marketing when you want to take your Google strategy to the next level."
Guido de Ridder
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"I started working with Nomad Marketing 3.5 months ago. The company manages the Google Ads of my webshop. Besides that, Nomad Marketing often comes up with improvements/tips for the webshop & Facebook ads. This is what I like about our collaboration, not only doing the google ads, but also being able to ask for advice on other parts of e-commerce. Nomad Marketing was able to make the Google ads profitable very quickly, which also ensures that we can continue the collaboration. All in all: Super satisfied!"
Pieter Boonstra
Owner Boonstra Marketing
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"Peter-Jan from Nomad Marketing helps me get the most out of Google search engines. I really like the fact that he thinks along and acts as a partner in our collaboration. The results of his approach speak for themselves: after a year of working together, doubling the number of free visitors and halving the costs per customer are the norm rather than the exception."
Sander Janssen
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"Nomad Marketing manages multiple Facebook, Google Ads and advertising accounts for my clients. We discuss the strategy together and then Peter-Jan independently optimizes the accounts. I receive clear monthly reports on the performance. The combination of personal contact and an independent working method makes the cooperation with Nomad Marketing ideal for me. My customers are also very happy with the results. For example, for my biggest client we managed to double the number of conversions at a lower cost per conversion in 2020."
Niels Deijkers
Owner That Simple Marketing
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"At the beginning of 2020 I came into contact with Peter-Jan from Nomad Marketing. With a simple question as to whether someone could assist me with Google Ads for a number of companies. We had a limited budget and were looking for someone who could think along with us, but who could also give us advice on where to put the most hours and which preparations we should not skip in order to save costs. This has ensured that we have set up compact ads campaigns, some of which are immediately profitable. The campaigns which were not yet profitable, we collected and analysed the data of, in order to adjust the campaigns or stop them. Nomad Marketing provides the clarity you expect from a collaborative partner and manages your portfolio with focus and purpose. But the best thing about Nomad Marketing is Peter-Jan himself. He is a nice man to work with and ultimately you do business with the people behind the company."
Frank Bunnik
Organiser Spellenspektakel
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Because of Nomad Marketing, we have never had to worry about our Google ads. Peter-Jan has set up our account in a well-organized way, has made a clear distinction between the different campaigns and has drawn up clear reporting criteria. During the cooperation we had regular personal contact, which was very nice considering the short duration and rapidly changing goals of our campaign. Because we were able to switch quickly, we had an effective and budget-efficient campaign behind us with useful data that we can use for the next edition, for which we are happy to work with Peter-Jan again!
Elmar & Merwin Luth
Owner EMD Trading
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The cooperation with Nomad Marketing is excellent. Peter-Jan communicates and reports very well. He always knows how to back up his strategy perfectly. Our results have improved significantly since our collaboration and we are, of course, very pleased with this. Besides good results, Peter-Jan is also very involved and likes to think along about the marketing strategy within our company. We were looking for a proactive SEA specialist and with Nomad Marketing we have definitely found one!
Roelof Dijkstra
Owner Adpin /
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Peter-Jan has a backpack full of experience and we noticed that immediately, from the moment our Google Ads campaigns were set up. An always critical eye, together with a proactive attitude ensure that we quickly know what needs attention on our side. This synergy was created thanks to a down-to-earth outlook from both sides. We constantly keep challenging each other to achieve goals quickly.
Marja Hoving
Manager Psy-Zo! Onderwijs
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Nomad Marketing supports us with our Google Ads campaign. Peter-Jan helps us in a knowledgeable and a relaxed way to increase our online visibility despite working with a relatively small budget. We are very satisfied with our cooperation and the results so far!
Paul van der Heijden
Owner Case Leonori
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Peter-Jan helped me set up 2 campaigns on Google Ads again. Smooth communication, clear explanations and very structured way of working. Highly recommended!
Hindrik Rijpkema
Growth Marketing Specialist
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Peter-Jan is a strategic marketer who has successfully specialized in Google Ads over the past years. He is reliable and on top of his campaigns.

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